Digital Projects

PurpleBug believes in brands that wants to be closer to their market and provide them a quality, accessible and adapted content through a digital network.
Our digital projects include:

Angel Milk
A trusted partner of value-seeking Moms as they experiment on new and exciting ways of cooking, marinating, creaming, and baking. Mas creamy, mas masarap, Angel sulit sa sarap!
Bayopet offers animal health care products which is divided into medicated and grooming line. It produces high quality and innovated products for the benefit of animals and gives effective solutions a
Bifesta cleansing lotion of Mandom Philippines Corporation will give you the light and clean look after a whole tiring day with make-up on. It comes with 4 variants for different skin types: Moist (dr
Blims Furniture
Blims is a furniture store that offers variety of choices for its customers. Each store offers a wide selection of furniture that is suitable for any home idea everyone needs and wants. For over 30 ye
Bulgogi Brothers
Bulgogi Brothers, a a traditional Korean dish that is marinated meat cooked by grilling. It literally means “fire meat”. Bulgogi is accompanied by a variety of vegetables, making it a well-balance
Cardimax, a product from Integrated Pharmaceutical, Inc., is a dietary supplement that contains L-carnitine. L-carnitine is a substance that helps convert body fat to energy. During intense periods of
Flanax, a product by Taisho Pharmaceuticals (Philippines) Inc., is a non-steroidal agent that helps to relief mild to moderately severe pain without any inflammatory reaction.
ForMe is a ladies fashion brand that believes in looking and feeling sweet, fresh, and fun. The brand makes sure that the shopping experience of every lady is always happy and memorable.
Fucidin®, by LEO Pharma™ Philippines, is an antibiotic ointment that works by killing germs that causes infection. It is mainly used by treating skin infections with bacteria from infe
Gatsby styling wax of Mandom Philippines Corporation will spare you from worrying on what hairstyle you should put on a daily basis. With 4 variants to choose from, it will surely give you the “pogi
Gly Derm
Gly Derm stretch mark cream, a product from A. Menarini Philippines, Inc., is specially formulated with dual functions that helps rebuild collagen and regain skin elasticity which helps in improving s
Heroine Make
Heroine Make, a Japanese make-up brand by Mandom Philippines Corporation, has been turning girls into princesses for almost 10 years now. With Heroine Make’s best-selling products of long and curly
John Robert Powers
John Robert Powers is specializing in a service that teaches adults, even young ones to improve their English and communication skills. Also, JRP's programs aim to improve one's self confidence by int
Krispy Puffs
Satisfy your rice snack cravings with the new Krispy Puffs by Lemon Square. A crispy and tasty rice snack that comes in three yummy flavors, Chocomallows, Bubble Gum and Cheese. Topped with marshmallo
Be kuto-free with Licealiz! It is a non-toxic shampoo that is clinically proven to kill head lice and nits. Made with natural ingredients extracted from chrysanthemum flowers that will surely leave yo
Restore the original capability of your hair to lock in moisture with Lucido-L hair make-up supplement of Mandom Philippines Corporation. Lucido-L is a leave-on treatment that will give moisture to yo
Memo is a fashion brand that caters to adult men and women. With its corporate yet fashionable apparel, adults will have an impeccable style amid the busyness of the city.
Modern Shanghai
Modern Shanghai offers the authenticity of local Shanghai cuisine in a casual and home-like manner, reviving all the simple but hearty meals that connect you with traditions and memories. It brings ba
MyDoctorFinder® is a website and mobile application that provides a comprehensive list of doctors, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies in the country. A new way of bridging doctors and pa
Ovaltine of AB Foods and Beverages Philippines is the world's first convenient and complete milk fortifier is packed with vitamins and minerals. It also comes with a delicious chocolate taste that kid
Pearlie White Philippines
Pearlie White is an oral care brand with a promise to find smarter ways for a healthier smile. Pearlie White has over 30 or more variants that caters to oral needs as diverse as whitening/stain, remov
Pixy, a Japanese make-up brand by Mandom Philippines Corporation, will surely help create a more beautiful you but with less make-up on. It has a gorgeous collection of make-up shades and comes in a c
Made with all natural popped rice, Lemon Square's Powerpops will surely give everyone the boost they need wherever and whenever! Choose from its milky caramel and peanut caramel flavors and enjoy the
Regatta is a fashion brand that offers casual clothing for outdoors, leisure and fun day. It is also known for its preppy chic apparel that makes every women and men look sophisticated.
Tea and Coffee Depot
Tea and Coffee Depot is one of PurpleBug's products that highlights the convenience of online shopping. It is an e-commerce site that promotes several tea and coffee products in the Philippines.
Total, one of the world's leading energy companies is engaged in importation, distribution and marketing of refined petroleum products and special fluids.
Twinings of AB Foods and Beverages Philippines, known for its renowned fine tea since 1706, undergoes 4 major manufacturing processes which truly gives out the real fresh taste and aroma of tea leaves
Watami, a top food and beverage brand in Japan with over 700 branches in the Asia Pacific region that offers original dishes and signature beverages.