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3 Marketing Strategies you can do in Instagram

Digital Marketing

3 Marketing Strategies you can do in Instagram

Sep 25, 2023

Instagram is now a vital part of marketing.Small businesses tend to start and open their startups on Instagram. Instagram has 400 million active users with an estimated 80 million photos shared per day. It focuses on sharing images and showcasing of each user's creativity through visual content. The 6-year-old mobile-based photo and video sharing social network shown significant growth and even outran Twitter, an older social networking micro-blogging platform. 

Opportunities in Instagram are high as the posts generate a per-follower engagement rate of 4.21% which is 58 times more engagement for each follower than Facebook and 120 times more than in Twitter. It takes a good visual feed to attract customers, but it takes an extensive strategic marketing activity. Also, overall brand experience can definitely help a brand’s marketing success. Here are three general marketing strategies you can do to get your brand noticed and established: 

  1. General Hashtags Usage -Support your photos with good captions and well related hashtags. Experiment on your hashtags and see whether which hashtag is successful. In using multiple hashtags, you might set a limit and keep it relevant as it may appear as a spam when there are too much. Top trending hashtags can serve as your guidelines however overusing certain hashtags might not end up effective. Originality is still the key to supporting your brand with an effective strategy.

  5. Interaction and Communicating with the Audience -Respond to your audience on the comments section. Good replies makes audience feel welcome in your brand's account. Being responsive to your followers can even make them remember your brand. Also, the way you respond to your audience creates the personality of your brand. In regards to this, you should be mindful of the response you give the audience.

  9. Frequent Online Contests -you may create for your brand. To keep up with your audience, you need to keep them feel that there's always something new in your feed. It needs to be convincing, and not just pure winning of mediocre prizes. If you want real gains, you must provide the audience something they are eager to win. Stated below are the following online contests:
    • Blatant Interaction Grab -Make your audience Like, Share, and Comment on your post to win. This type focuses on gaining followers for your brand's account.

    • Brand-Generated Hashtags -The audience will be posting something along with the official hashtags created by your brand. You can select winners randomly or by inviting social influencers or celebrities to judge the posts with a certain criteria.

    • Social Proof -Make them post purchase your product by having a product requirement in your contest.

    • Email Grab -This require users to submit a photo, caption, and email address to enter. You can also invite judges or handpick the best post. You can grow your subscribers and market to them long after the contest has finished which means better revenue.

Remember to make your activities well-organized and properly executed. Lastly, get yourself ready to answer queries. You must provide clear instructions and rules, and finally post a picture having the winners tagged and mentioned. 

Mix up your strategies in Instagram if you want your brand to be recognized. The originality and uniqueness of your next move in Instagram can help you get recognized. 


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