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5 Easy Steps to Gain Followers in Instagram

Social Media

5 Easy Steps to Gain Followers in Instagram

Dec 09, 2023

We are all aware that Instagram’s popularity has been growing with more than 500 million active users and it is currently the second most popular social media in the world. That is why it is more fun using this application when you have many followers. Having a struggle increasing your followers? Well, here are some strategies and tips from Crazy Egg on how you can gain your Instagram followings.

  1. Make sure your Instagram profile is completely filled out.
  • Including your profile picture, name, bio and link of your website if you have one.
  1. Link your Facebook account to your Instagram, so that your Facebook friends can easily find and follow you.
  2. Comment all you can!
  • Commenting on other user’s photos can gain you more followers. You can comment on a photo with fewer than five other comments to get more return of investment.
  1. Like unlimited posts!
  • According to Neil Patel of Instagram, by simply liking 100 images of other users, he gained 21.7 likes on his pictures and 6.1 followers.
  1. Have your own posting strategy
  • Make your account appealing in the eyes of your audience. Be creative as you can!

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