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ARM Holdings develops new chips for better graphics


ARM Holdings develops new chips for better graphics

Dec 09, 2023

Already satisfied with your phone’s current graphics? Well, ARM Holdings has developed new chips that will drastically improve your Smartphone in 2017.

According to, James Bruce, the director of mobile solutions for ARM Holdings stated, "If you look at something like virtual reality, it's incredibly demanding on the smartphone. The phone is working for an incredibly long time...and must continue to deliver that [high performance] through the entire length of a movie or game."

These new chips offer VR (Virtual Reality) ready graphics, better battery life and will help run a game or movie at its peak speed without crashing. The following features of the new chips are as follows:

  • Cortex A-73 computing processor [1]
    • 30% higher battery life
    • 30 % better performance than A-72
    • Ability to run at peak speeds without draining your battery


  • Mali-G71 graphics processor [2]
    • Better battery life (20% better)
    • 50% higher performance
    • Has ability to process rich images in higher resolution

ARM is a UK Company that is well known for developing chip designs, Apple and Samsung uses their chips in their mobile processors.



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