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Digital Marketing in APAC Continue to Rise - PurpleBug Blog

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing in APAC spiked this September 2015

Jun 05, 2023

APAC’s (Asia-Pacific) digital marketing figures continue to rise this September 2015 from digital investment and enterprise roadmaps, online advertisement, social customer care, smartphone penetration to socially video sharing. The 2015 PwC Digital IQ survey resulted that 40% of its respondents are from Southeast Asian companies. These Southeast Asian companies continues to invest more than 15% of their company’s revenue into technology investments across all areas of business not just in IT, but also in Marketing. The results from the Southeast Asian companies exceed the 31% global average which placed Asian investment in digital above average. The same survey also showed the results that 59% of the Asian companies are in agreement that their region is progressive and up to date when it comes digital planning. To add, online advertisement in APAC is forecast to increase from 4.1% this 2015 to 4.7% this upcoming 2016.