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Ovaltine Extended Its Contract With PurpleBug

Digital Marketing

Ovaltine extended its year worth contract with PurpleBugĀ®

Jun 05, 2023

Makati City, Philippines – The world's first convenient and complete milk fortifier has extended a year’s worth contract with PurpleBug®, Inc. last July 2015. 

Ovaltine of AB Foods and Beverages Philippines, Inc. is known for its chocolate malt beverage, cookies, and candy tablets. With over 100 years of expertise, Ovaltine has always maintained high quality standards in offering superior nutrition to its consumers. Ovaltine started to acquire one of PurpleBug®’s digital marketing services last October 2014. 

PurpleBug® identified for its various digital marketing services currently offers Ovaltine its Social Media Marketing Services. It encompasses several conceptualization and planning of digital marketing strategies for promo conceptualization, creative development, promo implementation and management to increase people’s knowledge and interest about chocolate products. Ideas formed are posted through various social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Such contents are approved by the Ovaltine Team and are posted from Mondays to Sundays including holidays. The company doesn’t only post contents for Ovaltine but also creates Facebook ads to further enhance social media promotion. 

The Social Media Management offered to Ovaltine is also complimented with other services to create a holistic approach. And for a better relationship with the client, PurpleBug® always provides them with comprehensive social media analytics with data analysis every month. 

Ovo friends, you get to enjoy more of Ovaltine with PurpleBug! You can get a sneak peek of the following projects created by PurpleBug for Ovaltine here: http://purplebug.net/purplebug/clientpage/24