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5 Digital Marketing Resolutions to Consider this 2017

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It’s the second week of 2017, and you’re still on the verge of creating your digital marketing resolutions. Listed below are suggestions provided by Social Media Today that can boost your business’s digital strategy.

  1. Start organizing!
  • Clean and organize your files and data to build consistency and credibility for your brand. Also, by being organize, your local search ranking will definitely boost.
  1. Video marketing is a big thing this 2017
  • According to this video marketing infographic, a third of all online activity is now dedicated to viewing videos. And with Facebook and Instagram’s changing algorithms (live video, 360 video, video ads), video will surely take over the social media world.
  1. Refresh your social media marketing strategy
  • Do not stick with the same strategy you had for years. Try to update and revamp some of them. Focus on telling your brand’s story instead of posting hard sell content.
  • “Tell your story. Instead of focusing on selling, really commit to telling the story of who you are and why you do what you do. And don’t forget to create a cohesive brand image on social media so that your brand is memorable,” said by Emily Anthony, a social media coordinator of Social Media Today.
  1. Ask for reviews/testimonials
  • Reviews are highly considered before making a purchase. It is also considered as the new word of mouth.
  1. Keep an eye on trends and updates!
  • Take note that changes are inevitable in the digital world. Always keep an eye on the updates whether big or small.

Source: Andersen, I. (2017, January 7). 6 Marketing Resolutions to Ring in a Successful 2017. Social Media Today. Retrieved from


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