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5 Reasons why Brands should invest on Online Influencers

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Big and well-known brands pay celebrities to represent their brand. These celebrities help brands to boost their sales by advertising their products. For instance, a whitening product used by Anne Curtis would probably catch the attention of people and give them the idea of using them to have a whiter and flawless skin just like her. This is the most common and typical type of advertising that is proven to be effective all over the years.

Using celebrity faces for your brand is too pricey which small companies can’t afford. Luckily, there are online influencers now found all over the social networking sites such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter that share their experiences about a certain product. These influencers are not celebrities; they are just regular people that feature several products on the Internet. Influencers who have already established a good image on the Internet are trusted by many, thus making their feedbacks as a guide whether a person will try the product reviewed by the influencer.

Here are the top 5 reasons on why brands must use online influencers to promote their products:

  1. Credibility – Nowadays, having credible influencers giving positive feedbacks to your products can positively affect your sales. These positive feedbacks can help a brand gain new customers and retain the old ones. It could also improve your brand’s reputation and also develop long-term relationship with customers.
  2. Cost – As mentioned above, if your company lacks budget to collaborate with celebrities then maybe you should first collaborate with online influencers. This is very cost-efficient and will help a brand allot budget on other marketing efforts.
  3. Influencers are the future of online marketing – There are a lot of online reviews about products and services scattered on the Internet and almost all the readers believe on these influencers’ product and service experiences. Although not reviews can encourage all readers to try the product however it can still persuade a prospect to be a customer. But it is very important to let your consumers communicate with their co-consumers to increase your market.
  4. Search Engine Optimization – As the saying goes, quality over quantity which has something to do with the search engine optimization used by search engines. This means that the more popular online influencers you pay to market your business that links your site from their blogs, the higher the rank your website will get from search engines like Google.
  5. Creation of real brand ambassadors – Working together with influencers can develop long-term relationships and can provide benefits to both sides. They could still help you promote your products when the time comes that they are already rich and known by millions of people.


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