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5 things to consider before engaging to paid social ads

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Every company has their own way of promoting their business. Since almost everyone have their own social media accounts, companies have started marketing their business on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and so on. Engaging with paid social ads has never been easy for companies because it requires a lot of money and time and difficulty on how it will be implemented.

Here are the 5 necessary questions that a business owner should ask himself before engaging with paid social ads:

  1. Do you have your sales funnel set up?
  • In order to gain more profit, why not sell packages that include products related with each other.
  1. Do you understand the different types of ads?
  • Understanding the different types of ads is very important; to determine which type of ad is better. Here are the two types of online ads:

Display ads – Display ads enable business owners to choose what size and shape they like for their ad. This is a common type of ad used by a lot of companies to attract customers and it is proven that display ads are eye-catchers.

Text ads – Text ads are more affordable compared to display ads and these are the type of ads that usually appear on Google search. Here’s the thing, you must first determine what keywords suit your industry that will target your customers so that when people search for something related on your industry, your ads will appear.

  1. Do you know how you’ll track results?
  • It is very important that you know how to track your paid ads results so that your money will not be put to waste.
  1. Do you understand the social platforms where you’re creating your ads?
  • It is necessary to know the pros and cons of each social platform before spending money on all of them. A business owner must first choose one platform and learn every side of it before going to another platform. Social platforms may sound similar, but when it comes on the results, one may provide better results and one may not.
  1. Who will run your social media campaigns?
  • As a business owner, do you have ample time to run your social media campaigns? If not, you can hire internal social media people to do it or you can try outsourcing the responsibility to a specialized agency. Every option has its own benefits and downsides and you should only pick one.


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