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Advertising in CANVAS

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Mobile advertising hasn't been innovative recently and maybe CANVAS can get the job done, effectively and creatively. 

There aren't much of advertising options available for mobile. And, if there is something out there, it’s not that quite appealing for marketers and even to consumers. Mobile advertising is far less mature. 

Now, CANVAS has the potential to turn things around. Let's see if it can prove itself and be a game changer on mobile advertising. 

CANVAS is a new post-click, full-screen, immersive mobile advertising experience on Facebook that loads nearly instantaneously, a mobile-only experience working on both Android and iOS. CANVAS let's business tell the brand story/lifestyle and promote the product the business offers. It is a creative space for a business to impress its customers. Designs that can attract a lot of audiences give the businesses effective marketing in a new creative way. CANVAS is a channel where you can use design to gain customers by making a profitable advertising strategy. Facebook's CANVAS is currently seeking its potential for mobile advertising to make an impact. 

The following are the key features of CANVAS which can be convenient in the business' point of view: 

  • Quick to get-in -it takes just one click to experience the brand, and there's no need for too much load times which irritates the patience of netizens.

  • Quick to get-out -you can close the ad as quick as tapping the top left arrow that brings you back to the Facebook feed. Advertisements here are not forcing you to see the ad, so you're free to go anytime you want to.

  • Answers! -content marketing needs to reach customers and with Facebook Canvas it is easy to access, almost everyone in the world is using facebook and maybe seeing a particular brand which you like is just one click away from information. Instead of posting it up on websites people doesn't usually visit, it's just already there, hassle-free!

  • Easy to build -this doesn't require special knowledge on coding, though you should really give effort and moderate financing for creating eye-catching visuals and the best possible content to catch the attention of target audiences.

Facebook boosts 12 and 18 second engagement rates in pioneers Asus and Coca-Cola. These numbers are strong but of course it needs a sound strategy and great output. It is expected to be copied in other platforms outside of Facebook due to its expected demand. The appeal on having CANVAS as a tool is going to be a step ahead on your competitors and consistency on the creativity of each brand. 

You can access and start CANVAS here: "" 


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