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Digital Marketing and its Changes this 2016

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From computers to mobile, the usage of mobile phones is surpassing the usage of desktop and laptop computer’s usage. This change is noticeable in social media specifically on Facebook, where three quarters of its online advertising revenue is generated from mobile content. Emails are even checked on mobile phones compared to checking it in your personal desktop or laptop computers. We spend so much time scrolling for content through our smart phones and through this variety of information is delivered upon the eyes of out consumers. 

In the corporate environment, it is expected in five years’ time that the budget for social media marketing will double. Also, there will be a management level position which directs with online interaction, it is called the Chief Digital Officer (CDO). An effective digital strategy must be implemented in order to bring customer acquisition and loyalty. Some traditional companies now are also engaging with such activities dealt online. 

Through social media you can easily determine what a person likes and dislikes, interests, their whereabouts and plans, information from social media. Such information is at most very beneficial for a company to deliver the needs and wants and what is going to be the trend in such time. It makes company decisions personalized according to the preferences of specific target markets. 

Digital Marketing is essential to the modern business environment, it is not the only solution for business growth but it proves significant changes on progress on the productivity of a company. 

“These 6 Digital Marketing Trends are going to Change How We Work in 2016” by Richard Birchall of Anthill Magazine

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