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Keep up with the most effective strategies that had an impact and made a mark in the "techie" side of things. Boost your business and have your way ahead of the competition, take a look at the digital development and strategies that made an impact this past 2015, be updated about what digital marketing has to offer you and your business. market segments. 

The growing number of online users proves that there is a growing potential in the market on online digital resources. This means that while internet usage and social media users are accumulating, there's a bigger chance of reaching our consumers online. 

The chart shows, in particular, the Facebook statistics in the Philippines. As we all know Facebook is the market leader of all social media domain. Providing a large amount of audience, a huge database of people engaging with online activities and possible consumers to and from which we can bring and establish a connection, a way to communicate. 

Mobile SEO is recommended for businesses in order for them to translate their websites and fit it in the mobile screens of their consumers. Connecting through one's smartphone and optimization of commercial sites on web to mobile can affect how one can see brands and make a versatile website that can address smartphone and computer screens. Recently, Google has made a "Mobile-Friendly Test" to make high quality standards regarding mobile sites and applications. 

With the rise of smartwatches (as the release of the Apple Watch), businesses are pushed to make upgrades on their current gadgets that led to the invention of wearable device. In addition, a very innovative concept of Internet of Things that comprises of the idea of one's home appliances to be connected to a network (to have a bunch of tasks done) had been conceptualize. Lastly, Periscope and Meerkat, a live-streaming service, provides businesses space for using live videos as a tool of digital marketing. 

Visual Ad Platforms on social media sites are also popping out, Instagram and Pinterest now have ad placements which gives opportunity for advertisements to be exposed in the maximum attention. Also, buy buttons are about to appear in several social channels (Facebook as a start) and it is very convenient for online shopping and business. 

Google AdWords for small businesses offers the same level of support for established large companies, however it is an invite-only program. SME's should inquire about it. Mobile in-feed promotions also exists to give you space for advertising. 

Targeting for custom and look alike customers is also an effective way to narrow down the market segment. Facebook's custom audiences can help you curate your segment with same interests also relative to demo and geo information. And, creating advertising aligned to each other gives you a compressed target which can give you better results. 

Machine learning for marketers is also a way to make personalized machine-optimized digital marketing campaigns and automated text clustering which can help manage your post to be effective in a way. 

Lastly, Twitter and Google Integration can be a powerful deal. Google made a deal with Twitter that gives them access to crawl the vast database of Twitter's real time content. Although it is still in test mode, expect further integration with Google and Twitter that can be a great resource of information to create the best sound Twitter strategy. 


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