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Gamify It!: How Gamification Translates To Real Business Success

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Gamification is the practice of incorporating game principles and elements into non-game contexts. In digital marketing, gamification is a technique that integrates the concept of competition, points, rewards, and challenges to motivate customers to engage with the brand. With gamification, businesses can enhance brand awareness and engagement, among many other important business objectives. Integrating gamification into a business’s digital marketing strategy can also effectively increase customer retention. 


Adding the element of fun and interactivity, gamification is an effective digital marketing strategy that utilizes the engaging nature of games to reach real business success. According to data released by Elegant Themes, around 60% of customers say that they will most likely engage with a brand if they engage in a game from the brand beforehand. 

In today’s digital age, gamification is an effective and important strategy that boosts business performance to achieve objectives. In this article, we will discuss why gamification is necessary in modern digital marketing and how it translates to real business success. 


How Gamification Translates To Real Business Success

Gamification helps businesses foster a stronger connection between themselves and their customers. Brand and audience engagement is essential to boost awareness among others. Gamification also effectively reaches important business objectives, such as generating leads, increasing engagement and customer retention. When implemented properly, gamification can help businesses influence the buying behavior of their target audience—a function essential for overall business success. Below are a few more ways to make gamification an effective strategy for real business success. 


Gamification Improves Employee Learning and Training Performance

Gaming elements and principles in businesses effectively increase engagement with the target audience, but it is not limited to digital marketing. Gamification is very effective in improving the core operations of a business. According to data from Webinar Care, 83% of employees say that they feel more motivated at work after undergoing gamified training, while only 3% stay unproductive with gamified tasks.


Gamification Boosts Revenue

An increasing number of households have mobile devices, and businesses can utilize this as an advantage to increase their generated leads. Plenty of international brands, such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, Apple, and even brands existing in the Facebook-Meta landscape, have utilized gamification to achieve their business goals. Game elements and principles in marketing efforts enhance customer loyalty and increase revenue. 

Starbucks’s Rewards app is a fine example of gamification leading to real business success. By implementing the rewards system to incentivize their regulars, Starbucks saw a $2.65 billion increase in revenue. It generated 25% more loyal costumes who kept purchasing their products to gather points and win rewards. 


Gamification Can Boost Brand Advocacy

Gamification integrated the fun and interactive elements of gaming into marketing and business processes. Positive experiences with brands can help improve brand loyalty. When a customer enjoys a brand's gamified service or product, the likelihood of them becoming loyal advocates of the brand increases, contributing to positive word-of-mouth recommendations that are highly effective in product promotion and sales generation. 


Gamification for Real Business Success

Integrating gamification in business is a strategy that transforms traditional marketing efforts and core operations into dynamic and effective processes to help push the brand forward. In a world where customers are connected in a digital landscape, utilizing gaming elements and principles to improve business performance is essential to stay ahead of the competition. 


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