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Get Long-Term Traffic To Your Ecommerce Website: Benefits of SEO for Ecommerce

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Have you ever wondered what makes some eCommerce businesses successful? 

Successful eCommerce businesses rely on high volumes of quality traffic and the secret to their success is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this article, we will discuss what are the benefits of using SEO and some tips on how you can add this to your success plan.


What Are the Benefits of SEO?


SEO is a pillar of any eCommerce business. Growing an eCommerce business without optimization will be an uphill battle. But why does SEO matter for eCommerce? 


  1.   Brand Awareness and Visibility

E-Commerce is a jungle filled with businesses fighting for people’s attention. Efficient implementation of SEO on your eCommerce website, product names, or product descriptions will give you a competitive edge by always appearing in the top search results. And when your eCommerce shop or products always appear, you get a massive boost in brand awareness.

A boost in brand awareness means that more people will click your links and buy your products. Even if you don’t appear at the top of the search results, customers will come to you if your competitor falls short of their expectations.


  1.   Better Search Rankings

SEO can help your eCommerce website appear on the 1st page of the search results. This matters, because as much as 75% of people only scan the first page of search results. The goal is to get a higher ranking in search engine results using SEO: ranking higher will get you more clicks and conversions.


  1.   Helps Elevate Content

Content is an important asset in your online business because it is an excellent way to answer your customer’s questions, build trust, develop relationships, improve conversation, and generate leads. But it will go off your customer’s radar if you do not use SEO keywords.

Optimized content, such as blog posts, buyer’s guides, and how-to articles, will yield an increase in organic traffic. Getting more traffic bumps up your awareness, and possibly lead to more sales.


  1.   Sustainable Traffic

Paid social media ads and search engine ads can drive large volumes of traffic in a relatively short time. However, always relying on paid ads is expensive for many eCommerce businesses. Over time, you will pay more to drive consistent traffic.

SEO gets traffic organically, thus giving you a more sustainable option. The results are not as instant as the paid options, but it yields long-lasting results as long as you keep your website and content optimized and up to date.

Paid ads stop the traffic flow once you’ve spent the budget, but SEO gives lasting results.


  1.   Improves User Experience

Great customer experience improves search results rankings. SEO helps build a good customer experience by optimizing your website’s usability. Seeing the words they used on your website will lead them to make a purchase.

In Google, quality user experience is a ranking factor. Having many people click on your link but immediately go back to search results will hurt your ranking. When this happens, Google will assume that your site is irrelevant or undesirable for the query.


  1.   Builds Trust

Building trust with your customers can make or break a business. If they trust you, your business will grow. If otherwise, your customer will not have the confidence to buy from you.

In your eCommerce business, you can build customer trust when they can see your business high in the search rankings using SEO. The higher up your website appears, the more trustworthy it will be in the eyes of your customers. Ranking high also establishes that you are a legitimate and established business that many people can trust.

For example, if you’re looking for a bank, would you pick the ones on the first page or the ones on the 2nd page? You will pick the ones on the first page, right?

Always aim to be on the top of the search rankings.


  1.   Creates Lasting Value

SEO is an investment whose value does not stop when the campaign ends. It’s not a one-and-done project but a never-ending cycle of optimization of content and eCommerce website. Even after all the paid ads and campaigns, you will still reap organic search performance for months or even years.  

SEO ROI depends on the industry your business is in but several sources show an average of 275% ROI.


Tips for SEO Success

You should have these in your eCommerce SEO checklist to make an effective SEO strategy:

  1.   Conduct a thorough keyword research
  2.   Use keywords in important places such as the page title tag, product descriptions, title tags, etc
  3.   Optimize images
  4.   Make a good and navigable website
  5.   Create quality content
  6.   Use social media marketing
  7.   Use backlinks
  8.   Maintain Site Security



You have many competitors on the internet. If you want to have a competitive edge, you must invest in SEO. The results may not be immediate but it yields long-term results that can last even after your campaigns.

Are you ready to optimize your eCommerce website? Start now!

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