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Instagram Updates: What's New?

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With over 400 million monthly active users, Instagram is definitely one of the most used social media site today. And just a year and a half ago, they launched the Instagram adswhich is a great platform to use for advertisers. Advertising was made easy for digital marketing in mobile platforms. A lot of companies in different countries are now using Instagram ads for their businesses.  And now, Instagram is planning to expand and make Instagram ads available to all types and sizes of businesses.

Instagram ads started from simple image posting, to adding their carousel feature, then to allowing video ads, which now they have extended from the usual 15 second videos up to 60 seconds. [1] In addition, Instagram partnered with Facebook’s Dynamic Ads which targets users based on their habits and tastes. [2]

Facebook for Business stated on their website that “Dynamic adverts automate product advertising by showing people adverts featuring items that they've expressed interest in, either by viewing them or adding them to their basket, or items related to ones that they've shown interest in or purchased. And now, businesses using Dynamic adverts can easily connect with more potential customers on mobile.” [3]

“Dynamic ads on Instagram let you promote the right products to the right person at the right time Dynamic ads are highly relevant for our community—allowing users to explore and engage with the products they care about. “, says Instagram on their Business Blog. [4] 

Instagram aims not only to help advertisers but also to help their target market, the community, to take action directly from Instagram to buy the product, download apps to sign up for websites. These features not only improve the quality of advertisements but they can also make it easier for advertisers to market their products and reach their target markets.



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