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The Impact of Influencer Marketing

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The virtual world continues to greatly dominate a big part of our daily lives. More so when the pandemic hit, and our gaze was even more patterned into looking on our screens more than around us. Our virtual reality has certainly influenced us in ways we may have never imagined. 


Speaking of influence, the peak of social media has brought along the rise of internet celebrities most commonly known as influencers. All platforms, especially the big ones like Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok are filled with influencers all trying to make their way to the market. We may not consciously notice it, these influencers have already taken a remarkable place in our daily lives and how we make notable decisions. These influencers are not just content creators generating a trend. These trends that they create, most of the time,  also hold relevance and significance to our lives- making us grasp what they give even tighter than we usually would. 


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Influencers, far from what most of us may think, are not celebrities. They can be anywhere, anyone and are self-established identities. All that by creating contents based on their expertise and experience. What makes them influential though, is the big number of organic audiences they have managed to make in social media with their massive followers on their accounts. A group that has given their trust to the said influencer. In fact, these people are often first expected to always be active on social media and are often considered to be a one-call-away reference in case one may be in need of a perspective and review. In shorter terms, they are trusted allies of their built family- their audiences. 


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Now what is influencer marketing? After giving a short overview of what an influencer is, let us dig deeper into the circle of influencer marketing. From the two words that make the phrase itself, it is about a collaboration between an influencer and a brand so that the influencer may market the tangible or intangible products a company or brand may offer. Now when we say “market” we mean to just generally pronounce “promotion”. The core intent of influential marketing is to improve brand recognition. To get the message across and spread the good word about a brand or a company to the good number of followers that they have on their socials. It is marketing products and services on a more personal and connection-based level with high consideration of the target audience in mind. Making sure the perfect influencer is selected to market the company’s product or service. 


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What makes Influencer Marketing unique?

  • Influencer Marketing is adaptive to technology.
  • It adjusts and develops based on audience needs and standards. It is highly audience-driven.
  • Influencer Marketing links a direct connection between customers and clients through influencers.
  • It changed the game and paved more ways for a more meaningful relationship and to get away from the passive one-on-one business agreements.
  • It is mainly grounded on the virtual world and therefore leaves digital footprints available for long-term consumption allowing it to reach more audiences even as time goes by. 

We can certainly say without a doubt that influencer marketing has seen the face of success. It has also helped people make better decisions by giving them plenty of options and reference to their advantage. Influencer marketing impacted our lives and has generally helped us be more creative and aware. It opened our ears to possibilities and has made us more critical of what is shown around us. It has made audiences more trusting. Influencer marketing has helped companies build better and lasting relationships with their customers and has also helped these customers find home and safety to the brands marketed to them by influencers. Influential marketing is a marketing strategy that is based on sharing truth and experience. Because influencers are not just content creators and trend-setters, they are also a trusted friend and ally. With intentions to help people figure things out to make better decisions. Influencers self-established their identity and will therefore take care of the image they have made. Influencer marketing promises reliability and results without compromising principles. 



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