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Time To Like Reddit: Google's SGE Update Makes Reddit the Best Site For Ads

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Recent data shows Reddit has experienced a 1,328% increase in SEO visibility on Google, making it the most favorable site for marketers since the search engine officially launched its Search Generative Experience (SGE) in March 2024.  


Reddit has underperformed as an advertising platform for years, especially since the text-based platform is home to a user base that is notorious for having a strong aversion to ads. However, in recent months, Google SGE has shown a clear preference for the site, using most of its content in its 'AI Overviews.' The update caused higher website traffic for Reddit, making it a favorable platform for ad placement for the time being. 


Time to Like Reddit: Google's SGE Update Makes Reddit the Best Site For Ads

Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) is the newest product from the search engine giant designed to enhance their users' search experience. Unlike the traditional method of online searching, SGE provides results page summaries of the most relevant content called 'AI Overviews.’ These overviews grant users access to summarized versions of the most reliable content in the search engine.


To everyone’s surprise (and many unamused SEO folks), Reddit arises as Google’s favorite source for its AI Overviews. SGE’s AI Overviews feature highlights of Reddit’s extensive user-generated content, making it more visible and accessible to Google users on the search results engine. The visibility boosts the position of Reddit as an ideal space for digital marketers in 2024. 


The Lucrative Potential of Reddit

Reddit's structure, with its numerous subreddits and active community engagement, offers a unique advantage for targeted advertising. Businesses can tap into specific subreddits where their target audience is already strongly engaged. Reddit's 82.7 million global daily users actively participate in discussions and create a fertile ground for informative, long-form content that drives quality traffic. In short, the audience loves Reddit content, so Google favors it as well.


Google’s apparent preference for Reddit content has triggered some netizens, especially Reddit users and SEO marketers who claim that Google’s recent deal with Reddit has tampered with the SEO game by prioritizing Reddit content. One Reddit user apparently proved this claim by creating a Reddit post that made it to Google’s top 10 search results in 5 minutes then ranked 2nd after a week. However, due to Google SGE’s updated algorithm, the reason is apparent: Google users simply prefer Reddit, not because Google itself favors the platform over others.


The Future with Reddit

Reddit's strengths lie in its robust community-building features. These communities, or subreddits, provide a rich environment for advertisers to place ads effectively. It also proves to be a powerful platform for brands to foster online communities and build their online presence. 


Reddit’s informative and useful long-form content has made it increasingly effective in driving traffic, often with a fast turnaround time. Additionally, Reddit's plans to diversify its revenue streams, such as through data licensing to AI companies (like its recent deal with Google), highlight its potential for experiencing consistent growth in the industry. 


Marketers are encouraged to explore Reddit for their ad campaigns and take advantage of its engaged user base and targeted subreddit communities. Staying updated with future AI and digital marketing trends will be crucial for leveraging the full potential of platforms like Reddit.


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