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During recent years, Video Marketing is undoubtedly powerful particularly if you want your business to gain more attention in the market.  Many businesses are using video as a marketing tool to increase brand awareness as well as their social engagement. Therefore, we are here to talk about why videos are effective in marketing. 


What is video marketing?

Using videos to advertise or inform your target audience about your business is basically what video marketing is all about. Many companies employ this strategy to raise brand recognition and to convey an interesting or viral content that will grab consumers' attention. In reality, video marketing can be found  almost everywhere. Think about product unboxings on social media, Facebook ads, Instagram Reels, TikToks, and in-stream ads— which are advertisements that show before, during, or after video content. The best example of in-stream ads are the advertisements that can be found on Youtube. With that being said, it is very easy for businesses to really incorporate video content into their marketing strategy.


Type of video marketing that your business can do:


1. Educational Videos


 Via Educational Videos, Your audience will learn something new and have their questions answered. Some educational videos cover specific topics— helps understand wider ideas or concepts associated with a specific industry.

SOFTEC Education - Brand Video



2. Testimonial Videos


Video testimonials are a great way to show someone using and endorsing the products or services your business offers. The best illustration of this is a convincing interview with actual customers who discuss their satisfaction with your product. This kind of video is compelling, authentic, and engaging because of the concept.

Consumer Testimonial - Dove - Molly Burke



3. Explanatory Videos


The Explanatory video discusses a complex topic in a short and direct way, which is intended to catch audiences' attention. They are commonly utilized in video marketing to provide demonstrations of how things operate or what a company does. Since it is a short video, It appears frequently on YouTube shorts, Instagram, and Facebook Reels.

When Is Your Baby Too Big For The Car Seat? | Car Seat Buying Advice | Magic Beans Reviews



4. Product Videos

      As the word defines itself, Product videos are used in video marketing strategies to help you showcase your products, their benefits, and distinctive features. You can demonstrate your products in a video with the aim of turning your prospective audience to be your customer. 

Introducing the LeBron 17 | Nike



5. Animation Videos


A unique visual property of animation can effectively affect your audience . Animation will add that "wow" effect that makes your video content memorable while also providing visual and emotional stimulation. It showcases the playfulness and creativity of your company that can attract new customers.

Coca-Cola - Happiness Factory (2006, Netherlands)


Why is video so effective in marketing?


Social media has undeniably proven to be a crucial component of video marketing. By using digital video strategy, the company may connect with more and larger audiences.  You may increase the amount that visitors stay on your website by adding videos. Longer exposure builds trust and informs search engines that the content on your site is reliable. Additionally, video engages even the most lazy of customers. Well, who gets bored of watching videos if they're interesting, right? Video tells a more vivid, memorable story than any other medium since it is both visual and audible— which tickles the interest of your target audience on your brand.


According to Wyzowl, the vast majority of businesses continue to use video. By 2023, 91% of companies will still utilize video as a marketing strategy. Since they began monitoring this data in 2016, this is the highest it has ever been. Additionally, 96% of businesses now include video as a key component of their marketing strategy. They claim that nearly nine out of ten firms continue to trust video as a powerful marketing tool. Simply said, there are now more companies adopting video than at any other time in the previous years. 


Tips to have effective Video Marketing:

  • It ought to be mobile-friendly. We can’t deny the fact that every day, people depend on their smartphones. In order to reach and engage more viewers, video advertisements must become extremely mobile-friendly. 
  • The first few seconds must captivate the user's attention and be appealing. A customer's first impression of your brand shapes their judgment of it. by using the right message and presentation for about the past 10 seconds on your videos, the user might continue to watch or read the content on the video. Also, make your video design straightforward and appropriate for the intended audience.
  • It needs to be concise. Make it simple and include any images or videos that may help your potential customers understand what you're trying to say. Making your video concise will probably make it more memorable and leave a lasting impression on your audience. 
  • It needs CTA (click to action) buttons, which should be clear and directed at the viewer. A piece of content that directs a viewer to a link, such as an image, button, or text, is known as a call to action (CTA). For instance, it might instruct your viewer to click the "purchase" button to complete a transaction, or it might just encourage your audience to buy the company's products or services. Therefore, CTA essentially refers to the next move or action that your company wants the customer to make.
  • There must be a closed caption on the video. When creating your videos, you should also consider those people with hearing impairments. Because of caption, your content will become user-friendly and that can improve your website's capacity to bring in more visitors. 


Final Thoughts


The variety of uses for video marketing makes it so powerful. It allows businesses to connect with their customers and followers in an easy way, it can build a stronger customer relationship and increase sales— video marketing can help the business to explain everything about their brand. Forrester Research claims that a single video screen is equivalent to 1.8 million written words— that is why the majority of consumers preferred watching videos over reading. This also shows that the usage of video is growing not only because of advances in technology, but also because it is simple to spread around the world. Video Marketing is becoming more common and accessible. Always remember that it takes creativity and a lot of effort to make effective videos that can potentially lead you to success. 


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