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2 New Features of Facebook Live

2 minute read | January 1, 1999 Share Share

Facebook has announced two new Facebook Live features that will provide more useful options for both the live-streamer and the audience.

  1. Chat with friends via direct message within a live-stream
  • Aside from being able to comment within the public thread, you will be able to start your own chat with your friends. Plus, you can also bring your friends into the live-stream.
  1. Bring in guests on your live streams
  • As per Facebook, “Last year we started rolling out the ability for public figures to go live with a guest. Now available for all profiles and Pages on iOS, Live With lets you invite a friend into your live video so you can hang out together, even if you’re not in the same place. Sharing the screen with a friend can make going live more fun and interactive — for both you and your viewers.”
  • For you to invite a guest, you just have to choose from your Live viewers list or tap on their comment. The viewer will have the option to join your broadcast. You also have the option to add guests in landscape mode if you want to give them more space on your broadcast.

These new features for Facebook live-streaming will make it more entertaining and engaging for both the broadcaster and the audience because you’re now able to invite guests. Plus, it provides new capacity for exposure and discussion. Thus, leads to a great experience for the users of Facebook Live-stream.

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