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4 Tips to Get Started with 360 Degree Videos

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360 degree videos are currently trending in every social media network available. It allow the users to view the scene in a 360 degree angle with the control of their fingers by dragging it to the screen or with the use of a Virtual Reality (VR) headset. The viewers will have the control over on what they want to see.

Here the things to keep in mind before venturing 360 degree videos.

  • Having the right equipment is crucial. Pick a camera that can support 360 degree video filming. A tripod is also essential to make the shots steady.
  • The topic/content should catch the attention of the audience and will be able to maximize the experience of this platform. Consider the view of the place you want to shoot.
  • Edit your videos by adding graphics, text that will stabilize, stitch and sync the video. Download an application that allows editing with a stretch format.
  • VR headset is a great tool to view the video for it lets the users to take advantage of the full range of vision.

Do not be afraid of using different applications that can definitely help you in creating the visually satisfying 360 degree video.

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