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5 Ways to Boost your Social Media Presence

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One of the most simplest and trending form of marketing today is Social Media Marketing. Its accessibility and convenience – for both the user and the audience – is the key factor for its online success. However, to find and convince people to follow your page can be a serious challenge. Here are five things one can do to increase their brand’s social media presence.

  1. Improve your social media profile
  • Make sure your accounts are fully settled
    • Great bio
    • Profile picture
    • Cover images that describes your brand
  • Make sure your username is easy to find and remember
    • Include keywords related to your business in your bio so that people will easily see your account if they search for those words
  • Profile pictures should be a picture of your brand logo
  1. Go where your audience is
  • Establish yourself on the channels used by your target audience
  • Consider the demographics of your target audience
  1. Share beneficial content
  • It is important to always think how your content will help your audience
  • Whenever you post a content give them a reason to keep following you.
    • Useful tips
    • Interesting facts relevant to your brand and industry
    • Humor posts
  1. Engage your fans
  • Build relationships and connect with your fans
    • Tip: Give a “shout out” to your most active fans and let them know why they’re appreciated, while also encouraging others to become more loyal and vocal.
  • Ask people who uses your product to submit reviews or testimonials
    • Feature those submissions on your social media accounts, that way they will feel appreciated. Plus, you give them a chance to get noticed by their followers too.
  1. Use eye-catching visuals
  • Image is everything. Let your visuals do the talking.
    • Your main goal is to produce attractive graphics that will get the audience’s attention while scrolling down their news feeds.

These are some basic strategies you can do to start boosting your social media presence. Keep in mind to always be creative, apply and improve whichever strategy works best for you.

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