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Apple releases its newest version: iOS 10

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Last June 13, Apple released their new iOS 10 with new 10 redesigned features. It has been said that Apple chooses renovation over innovation and improved iOS 9’s common weaknesses from the perspective of its users.

  • RAISE TO WAKE – When users lift their phone it will automatically go to its home screen. They don’t have to press any button for their phone to light up. Users can also now respond immediately to their onscreen notifications without even leaving the lock screen because of its new 3D Touch shortcuts.
  • PHONE – iOS 10 will easily convert voicemail into text message to see what it is all about without even listening to it.
  • CLEAR OLD NOTIFICATIONS – Users are also given the right to clear all their old notifications with just one click through the help of 3D Touch. Comparing it with iOS 9, where notifications can only be removed one by one which is sort of time-consuming and hassle.
  • SIRI – Siri has been receiving over 2 billion requests in a week. Inside iOS 10, one can do so more requests to Siri which includes activating non-Apple apps via voice control. For instance, you can ask Siri to contact your friend through WeChat.
  • PHOTOS – Photos has also been redesigned with its new feature of creating albums with its “advanced computer vision” based on face recognition on the people found in photos/videos and location where they were captured. Another thing is that there would also be a “Memories” feature where users can be instantly reminded of their events in life by compiling photos which looks like a magazine. On a positive side, Apple would still ensure its users of privacy protection.
  • MAPS – Maps will now enable users to gain more information and make it easier for them to follow and control. With its dynamic view while driving, it will automatically zoom in as you get to a long straight way, also it will allow you to zoom further to see traffic conditions. iOS 10 will also suggest alternative routes to avoid congested areas.
  • MUSIC – For Apple users who are into music, they will absolutely love what’s in store for them. Apple will provide onscreen lyrics so that one can sing along to its favorite song with the correct lyrics.
  • NEWS – News for iOS 10 includes subscriptions so that you can read articles from several magazines and newspapers. It also added Breaking News on the lock screen so that users would be aware of the most important news around the world.
  • HOME APP – When launched, you get to see your personalized wallpaper and accessories. If you want to turn on the lights, just tap it. It also includes scenes (e.g. you can click a scene like “Good night” and lights will be turned off, doors will be locked and windows will be closed with just one click).
  • MESSAGES – With the new iOS 10, emojis can be viewed 3x bigger than the usual size. Messages can automatically scan and highlight words which can be replaced with emoji before sending a message. You just have to tap the highlighted words and they would be changed to its designated emoji. Moreover, users can send a message with pictures through its new feature called “invisible ink”. It would not be the typical style of sending images for now you can make them invisible at first. How does it work? The image would be blurred at first until the receiver swipes it several times in order to view the picture. Another effect is called “Slam” which makes messages increase its size at first but turns into its normal size after. Lastly, users can now send handwritten messages.
  • BONUS FEATURE: DELETE PREINSTALLED APPS – Users may delete preinstalled apps to save storage space for their phones. Luckily, users can still bring back the deleted apps just by downloading the app that is available in the app store.



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