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BackPAIX: A Bag every Commuter Needs

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PAIX Design, based in San Francisco, California, has created a backpack that would surely fill all your commuting needs. It is eco-friendly and you can store things both vital and trivial, physical and digital. This backpack even shows your emotions via emoji on the front. To add, this backpack can be connected to your phone via app.

PAIX Design thought of the idea back in April 2015. They started the design and prototyping on September and started the crowdfunding in March 2016. They released their final prototype last April and launched their Kickstarter earlier this June. They plan to mass produce and deliver the bags in November 2016.

The bag has tons of different features which are very convenient for us commuters. The features are as follows:

  • Made out of waterproof fabric (recycled plastic)
  • Comfort back padding
  • Easy side access
  • Large flat side pockets
  • Hidden pocket at the back
  • Bike strap lock
  • Tripod loop
  • Shoe pocket
  • USB Charge port (PAIX Battery with 10,000mAh (optional) and Built in USB Cable)
  • Lower side pocket
  • Buckle bottle opener
  • Water bottle pocket
  • PAIX smart badge (Duo Badge Dock, built-in 600 mAh battery)
  • GoPro mount (Optional)

Though this backpack has a lot of useful features, the highlight of this bag is the PAIX Smart Badge. There is a circular port called the Badge Dock on the front of the backpack and on the shoulder strap which lets you strap the Display Badge.

This badge is a smart display which lets you show your mood on it using pixilated emoji which can be controlled by an app on your phone, and its LED lights can switch colors and designs.  It also has a feature in which you can connect your phone to the badge and it alerts you when you leave your phone behind and send alerts on your phone when you leave your bag behind.

You can also mount your GoPro on the badge dock on the shoulder strap to use it as a body cam. The company wants to put on more features like flashlights, speakers, a camera and a sensor mount.

The badge also lets you tap into biker mode, you’ll get a remote control attached to your bike. You can tap left or right on the indicators to signal vehicles behind you via the PAIX Smart Badge on your back.

The fabric material used for the whole bag came from PET bottles which make it waterproof. You don’t have to worry about water seeping in because even the zippers are made to be waterproof. You can also buy the PAIX battery (10,000 mAh) and have a USB cable routed through the bag to the charge port on the side of the bag. This is a must-have for all the commuters and adventurers out there, it has everything you can ever need from a backpack.

Interested? You can back this project up on Kickstarter. They currently have 190 backers and have raised $39,929. PAIX Design aims to raise $50,000 and it closes on July 27, 2016 at 2:59 PM AWST.



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