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Facebook Launched New Social VR App called "Spaces"

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Virtual reality is set to become the content marketing trend for 2017. This is why Facebook developed their VR social platform. Now, Facebook is rolling out their new VR application called “Spaces”.

With Facebook’s Spaces, you can now interact and engage with your friends in a virtual platform. Plus, you can manipulate the view of your surroundings. You can show your friends where you want to hang out or travel. A better way to show places instead of sending images of the places you want to go, which will be more realistic than ever.

So, how does it work?

  1. Build your own avatar
  • Facebook already showcased their advanced AI tools last October; showing virtual avatars that can follow whatever actions you do, such as talking and moving your hands. Well, one interesting thing you will be able to do is to make your own virtual representation with tools that generate a character based on your profile picture. If you already have your base avatar, then you can customize it.
  1. Invite your friends
  • You can invite your friends to join you in a virtual place that you can modify. Yes, you can virtually transport everyone to new places. In addition, you can also draw in the air and interact with each other’s creations.

There’s no doubt that using Virtual Reality for social communication is the future. We’re all seeing a glimpse of what is going to be the trend on the succeeding years to come, and we know there are a lot of awesome possibilities that may happen. And as Facebook CEO noted himself, “Virtual Reality is the future for Facebook.”

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