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Facebook Messenger: 2017 Updates

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Messenger keeps on developing through the years since it started on August 2014. Before 2016 ends, Messenger surprised us with different updates that will improve its users’ experience. 2016 was a milestone for Facebook Messenger by having one billion monthly active users that is continuing to grow. Because of the growing number, Facebook is focusing on developing and evolving their platform.

When Snapchat became popular, it became a threat to Facebook’s Messenger app (in function of sharing stories in short clips with fun filters). In order to eliminate the competition, Facebook Messenger created “My Day” wherein users can share their stories with brief videos and pictures or selfies. This update includes fun filters and stickers. People can also play games with their friends. Games such as basketball and football. Facebook messenger ended the year with a video chat update.

Here are some of the updates that you need to watch out this 2017.

  • Group Video Chat – Facebook is focusing on group interactions that is why group video chatting was developed. Photo and video mention will be a new tool to enable easier content sharing.
  • Filters, Stickers, Emojis – The company is focusing on visual contents. That is why they keep on developing tools to create feature-rich cameras that will enable users to add more tools like stickers, filters and 3D masks.
  • Messenger Bots – This feature has the ability to connect businesses to its customers, or people to people without having to know their contact information like their numbers.

Facebook will keep on working with developers to provide better experiences for the users. Facebook will also focus more on the Bots this 2017, to help and encourage businesses, especially small scale ones to have a tool that can facilitate connection through messaging.

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