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Facebook Messenger might add a Dislike Button

2 minute read | January 1, 1999 Share Share

Since Facebook added reactions on their main application, it’s been a request to add a “dislike” button to the choices. Facebook, kind of responded to this by adding a “dislike” button in its Messenger application. Still, it will not be added to the main application because of the negative impact it can give to the person sharing a post to the public.

With the reaction buttons – which includes the “dislike” button, you can respond to a specific message in the chat. It will enable you to respond quickly on a specific thread. The response will be shown below the picked message. The responses are small enough not to bother the on-going conversation. This will help users to not be confused on messages given of the people on fast-moving group chats. It will be easy to answer to an exact chat message.

Facebook said that they don’t see this thumbs-down button to be a “dislike”, but they interpret this as a “no.” Also, it will also a way for Facebook to engage users to use Messenger more. One big brand of Messenger are the Messenger Bots. Cut down reactions will be easier to interconnect with the Bots for commerce elements.

Up today, there was no exact confirmation that Messenger’s dislike button will be rolled out, it is still under Facebook’s testing.

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