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Facebook's Creative Hub Releases New Tools

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Last December 2016, Facebook launched their ad testing platform called “Creative Hub”. This tool allows businesses to test out Facebook’s ad options and see what they’ll look like for their brands.

Creative Hub also allows its users to send ad mock-ups to their mobile phones via Facebook app to see what the ads will look like in a live environment. A notification will be sent which will enable users to view and interact with the ad as if it were live, thereby providing them more perspective on how the ad looks and responds. This will surely help businesses have a risk-free way of seeing what users will encounter if they chose to go with Facebook’s paid options.

Just recently, two new tools were added to Creative Hub’s functionality. As per Facebook,

“Our first tool in this set will provide a snapshot of video results, giving advertisers the insights they need to optimize their creative based on real metrics. For advertisers interested in effective storytelling, testing video creative is the best way to make sure it’s perfect for mobile feed.”

On the other hand, the second new element gives users the ability to take their ad from its mock-up form within Creative Hub to live. 

Creative teams are responsible for flawlessly delivering final assets to their media partners. This new feature allows them to mock up and deliver complete Facebook and Instagram ads to media agencies using a single tool.”

With these new tools by Facebook, media and creative groups will be able to improve their teamwork and reduce steps required in delivering final assets.

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