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Instagram Update: Yay or Nay? (Part 2)

4 minute read | January 1, 1999 Share Share

The announcement of the new Instagram update gave its users something to make a buzz of. 

Instagram is still testing the algorithmic feed in small groups and said that it's going to be rolled out in a few months. However, many users are panicking about the update and expected that the update is coming too soon from the announcement made on Mid-March. There were posts about turning on notifications for some users and even high profile personalities and celebrities as well. There was also a petition on wherein more than 300,000 people already signed it. Instagram responds to the reactions of the public by tweeting: 

Instagram has been one among the best top social media networks. It started as a teen's photo-sharing app bought by Facebook later in a $1 billion deal. The network is projected to rack in $1.86 billion in revenue this year as its user base growth outpaces general social network usage. 

The update may be a good change but also terrible for some, and we cannot wait to learn more about this either if it would be a favorable move for Instagram or is going to be a setback for the application. Observing the public, they do not want the update for the application. They don't want Instagram to be like its mother company, Facebook, which many don't like the way they scroll through. But then again, it's all about Instagram on how they can maintain the loyalty of its users. 

The algorithm translates the original chronological feed of Instagram to base each ones feed according to a variety of social signals, post engagements, previous contend you've liked. Re-organizing your own custom feed into something relevant of your online activity. 

For businesses, it may be beneficial. The update may change the way they handle their social media marketing in particular to Instagram. It might take a while to create a well-planned online marketing strategy due to the change of the environment inside it, but the update is to be implemented not that quick. It will give businesses the opportunity and time to adapt with the new algorithm. Also, the algorithm can actually benefit amongst brands as it may be found relevant by certain users and target audiences. Depending on how they can attract audiences by providing the best visual content they can offer to potential customers. Analyzing trends can also help get your brand noticed through using effective hashtags which can develop create a wide community. 


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