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PANA Foundation and PurpleBug: A Partnership for Change

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PurpleBug has recently sealed its partnership with the Philippine Association of Advertisers (PANA) Foundation. PurpleBug, a leading marketing tech integrator in the Philippines, officially signed a memorandum of understanding on August 24, 2023, to take on the role of PANA Foundation’s official digital marketing agency partner. With this collaboration, both PurpleBug and the PANA Foundation hope to effectively work together in providing leadership and guidance for future marketing practitioners of the country. 

The Future Of Marketing Starts Now

In a dynamic era where collaboration fuels innovation, the recently sealed partnership between PurpleBug and the PANA Foundation ignites a significant beginning for the Philippine marketing industry. With both PurpleBug and PANA Foundation’s dedication to supporting the enrichment of local marketing values, the partnership aims to promote responsible marketing methods and self-regulation–ensuring that future generations of marketing professionals in the Philippines will enter the field with the best understanding of responsible communication practices that does not only adhere to the highest marketing values but also maintains utmost regard to the importance of preserving the safety of Filipino consumers. 


With this alliance, PurpleBug and the PANA Foundation promise to make significant contributions to reshaping the Philippine industry by providing the best educational training materials and activities for college students who are hopeful of navigating the dynamic world of advertising in the future. PANA Foundation aims to tap influential academics and notable industry leaders in advertising to achieve this goal. With a partnership with the country’s leading marketing tech integrator, they provide effective digital marketing solutions to make the goal transpire into reality. 

PANA Foundation Programs In Partnership With PurpleBug

PANA Foundation is the advocacy arm of the Philippine Association of Advertisers. The association’s foundation takes on the initiative to collaborate with academies and exemplary advertising professionals in providing aspiring practitioners with the best learning opportunities and programs to inspire the right mindset, perspective, and understanding of the world of advertising. Below are the educational projects that the PANA Foundation will conduct in partnership with PurpleBug.

PANA Foundation Youth Creativity Festival (YCF) 

The Youth Creativity Festival by the PANA Foundation is a one-day educational summit where key advertising individuals, experts, representatives, and leaders are invited to share their industry knowledge and expertise in hopes of inspiring and providing students with the most relevant and useful industry know-how. With this program, the PANA Foundation, alongside the digital marketing solutions provided by PurpleBug, will enhance the mindset of future Filipino advertising professionals and improve the standing of the local industry. 

PANAnaw Students Competition

Designed for all interested college students, PANAnaw is an advertising campaign competition wherein learners will get the chance to showcase their talent and creativity in creating responsible, resourceful, and imaginative communications campaigns. In this exciting competition, learners will put their marketing communication skills to the test as they conceptualize, design, and present their own strategic brand plans integrated with communication theories that they have learned in their educational courses. With this program, the PANA Foundation, in collaboration with PurpleBug, will create an avenue for future marketing practitioners to put their skills and talent to the test.

PANAF Educational RoadTRIP 

The PANAF Educational RoadTRIP is a series of educational seminars featuring a list of exemplary voluntary advertising practitioners and experts in the field. This program is designed to expand the reach of high-quality education outside the nation’s capital region and reach all talented aspiring advertising professionals from all parts of the Philippines. 


PurpleBug And PANA Foundation’s Shared Vision For Growth

Their shared commitment underpins both PurpleBug and PANA Foundation’s mission to expand the advertising industry of the Philippines to fostering innovation and driving significant changes in the Philippines’ creative industries. Through this collaboration, PurpleBug and PANA Philippines can elevate the standard of excellence in local advertising, and eventually create a better industry that empowers responsible marketing practices. Both PurpleBug and PANA Foundations' combined vision illuminate a promising path for the future of the Philippine marketing industry. 


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