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Product Photography: 4 Tips to Make Great Images

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Make your images look more professional for your social media platforms through these following tips!

  1. Use a simple background
  • Having many props in the background may make your photo look more distracting than being more attractive. Emphasize your products by using backgrounds that are on-brand. You may also apply the “Infinity Curve” method. To simply explain the method, you just have to create a stage with a plain single-color background.
  1. Use natural lighting
  • Using artificial light may be beneficial in some situation, but it can also make your images look pale and less appealing. However, you should consider using natural lighting not only because it will be convenient for you, but also it will give you a 3D quality product. Find the best settings with natural light and keep in mind to have light on both sides of the area so the outcome would be balanced.
  1. Get click happy
  • Take as many pictures as you want! Try different angles and shots that highlight your product’s features. Here’s a guide for you in staging a product photo shoot:
    • How can you highlight the product’s features in a picture?
    • Can a frequently asked question about your product be answered through a picture? If so, how can you capture that image with your product?
    • Where and how will your product be used - can you feature your product in that type of scenario or environment?
  1. Edit your heart out
  • Enjoy experimenting and editing your photos from good to great. Add light, contrast, and other image adjustments you might need to bring your images to perfection. Here are four free editing tools you may use:

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