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Samsung Unpacked Event: The Launch of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

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Samsung, a South Korean tech giant, revealed its long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in their unpacked event along with the Mobile World Congress last February 21, 2016. It might seem that there are no radical changes, but it brought something back with the set-backs of the features that were not included on last year's flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. 

What's new with the S7 and S7 Edge is its improved camera with a brighter lens which has bigger pixels and faster auto-focus time compared to the iPhone 6S plus' lens. There is also a new camera mode called "Motion Panorama" which is rich with wide angle shots. Its camera also promises to be better in terms of quality, bragging its dual pixel technology which is said to be identical on how the human eye focuses. The phone's screen dimension are of 5.1 inches for the S7 and 5.5 inches for the S7 Edge. Also, the curves of the S7 Edge got bigger and having the backside curved as well to add the grip feel to fit your palm. The phone was defined by having a smaller, slimmer, smoother and sleeker body design. They also added back the expandable storage slot, the water resistance is also back, and a battery boost of 3000 mAh for the S7 and 3600 mAh for the S7 Edge. 

Also other devices like the Gear 360 which is a 360 video camera can now be connected to your smartphone, where you can record and check now through your phone, which makes 360 videos more popular for social media, Along with the Virtual Reality, you can also integrate with the Galaxy S7 variant. 

Mark Zuckerberg also appeared in the event and features video interaction in Facebook as well the 360 videos and dynamic streaming that can complement virtual reality function. Zuckerberg also aims social VR apps and said there are 100 incredible content titles coming to the VR. 


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