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Snapchat: Major Redesign in the Coming Days

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Are you ready for the big changes headed for Snapchat?

Last January 12, 2017, Snapchat confirmed that the company is set to have a major redesign in the coming days. The new look which is on its beta stage, will have the following features:

  • New search bar – You may search for a friend’s name and your one-on-one chat will pop. Also, the search function shows your recent contacts, friend requests, and contacts you haven’t yet added on Snapchat.
  • New navigation – Instead of swiping, you can tap on the Bitmoji in the upper left corner from any section of the app to view your profile and settings.
  • Global live story (feature snaps from all over the world) – With the new update, Snapchat will now let its users to contribute their stories at any time (Our Stories). This feature won’t be limited to location-specific events like the previous version.

The new design are currently available to some Android users who are part of Snapchat’s beta stage. And, will be coming soon to every Snapchat user.

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