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Social Commerce: From Physical Stores to Selling on Facebook

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Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have become very cautious when buying their needs. They avoid crowded places such as groceries, malls, and restaurants. After lockdown protocols took effect, consumers have looked into online shops and delivery services to get the goods they need. This puts social commerce in the spotlightt

Social commerce is the use of social networking platforms, like Facebook, to promote your products, handle customer inquiries, and even take payments to some extent.

Why is Facebook a great platform for sellng

If you’re planning to start an online business or trying to expand your distribution channels, Facebook is one of the top platforms to use in the Philippines. The number of daily active users this January 2020 is around 2 billion every day — at least 45 million users are in the Philippines.

What makes Facebook a great platform for selling?

Businesses usually create their Facebook Business Page to be closer to their clients. They can include important information on their page, such as their location and contact number.

Aside from the number of users, Facebook has easy-to-use features that can be used to sell products. When placing ads, it costs cheaper than the mainstream ad tools such as TV, radio and newspapers. It can even pinpoint your audience up to their demographics, location and interests. Further, TV ads require you to still check a particular show’s audience before you can say they’re effective. With Facebook, you can already do these for a much lower cost.

Also, having a business page on Facebook can even help you with your brand loyalty. Once consumers see how active your page is, they will be more likely to interact with your brand. With Facebook, it’s also easier to see the activities of your competitors, especially if they also have their own Facebook Page. You can monitor their posts, ads, and the promos and discounts they offer.

Businesses are shifting to the online world since it’s where their potential customers are. Social media is a place where you can meet different clients with different needs. Facebook is a powerful platform where you can increase your brand’s reach, exposure, and of course, your sales.




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