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Tango and Google: A map of the world inside and out

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Google Maps is mainly a detailed mapping service provided and developed by Google itself. It was actually launched last February 2008. Aside from the typical web-mapping service, Google Maps provide a lot of options where users can view different perspectives available specifically the following: [1]

  • Real time traffic conditions
  • Satellite imagery
  • 360° panoramic views of streets and route planning for drivers, walkers, commuters and bikers.

Based from the description on Tango’s main website, Tango lets you see more on what you could think of. Just by holding up your phone, you can watch objects and information move around you in real time. Tango is also letting their users feel that there’s more than just a web mapping service that they offer because there’s a world beyond it. [2]

This year, Google Maps have a new feature called Project Tango that was released just this June. Project Tango is basically a feature that will only be available for now in Lenovo’s Phab2 Pro. The said new feature can: [3]

  • Measure objects
  • Map your room and know your location
  • See virtual objects on top of the real world
  • See the world in 3D

Who would’ve thought in this technological generation that a 3D web mapping is now available? Let us all wait for how amazing and cool this new web mapping service will be.



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