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Tinder Might Launch a Video Feature on its App

2 minute read | January 1, 1999 Share Share

Since other social media platforms introduced story-sharing features, it became a global hit and applications are adapting this type of feature into their platform. Tinder seems interested in integrating this kind of update.

Tinder recently bought Wheel, an LA based startup which has the resemblance of Snapchat and other video sharing structure that creates social networks. Wheel indicated that they are joining Tinder and merging with its marketing team on some initiatives.

Paul Boukadakis, CEO of Wheel, will be working with Tinder’s product team together with Tinder’s Head of Product and Revenue Brian Norgard.

Norgard added, “We are always exploring new ways to innovate while helping our users make connections on Tinder.”

Will Tinder be adding a video feature in its app? Share your comments below.

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