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Twitter Aims to Reduce Harassment and Trolls

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Twitter is currently doing a great campaign to reduce abusive content and users on the platform. One of the main reasons on why possible suitors do not want to buy and invest in Twitter is because of the massive number of trolls and abuse. These are the different measures Twitter have come up.

  • You can report accounts that’s harassing you even if the author blocked you. You don’t have to necessarily see the abusive tweets or account to report – this has been a long time problem in the platform.
  • Twitter identifies the accounts that have been reported for harassment. It will prevent them to create new account. This could include identifying the IP address and the location of where the suspended accounts came from.
  • Contents from blocked and muted accounts will not appear on your search results. The availability and visibility of these contents will still be based on your preference. You can change and adjust the settings of your search filter.
  • Potentially abusive or low quality contents will be hidden and will be located at “show less relevant replies”. Twitter will do this by using measures such as following and followers ratio, date when the account was created and other spam detection procedures.

Twitter is improving its platform to make sure that their online community will have a safer and secured platform.

Source: Hutchinson, A. (2017, February 7.) Twitter Introduces New Tools to Reduce the Impact of Trolls and Abuse. Social Media Today. Retrieved from

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