“We make development work fast, easy, and more affordable.”

PurpleBug provides web solutions and creates sites tailor-fitted to your requirements and taste. Let our team of specialists help you expand your brand’s online presence. Given years of being a web development company, PurpleBug will surely handle your brand’s website and mobile site essentials.


    Six (6) types of development services

  • With the advancement of technology, the importance of having your own website or portal is highly important. Through our Easy services, your brand will definitely be present in the digital scene in an instant.
  • Easy Sites

  • We’ll develop a basic website made affordable for your brand. Our Easy Sites service consists of a variety of template design choices, built-in functionalities, social media compatibility, and mobile responsiveness. This service is perfect for companies who need microsites, promo sites, or brand sites.
  • Easy Commerce

  • Our Easy Commerce service is for brands who seek or aims to have their own e-commerce platform. This service consists of basic e-commerce design, features, and functionalities.
  • Easy Apps

  • We develop template-based apps that will make it easier for SMEs to get their app published.
  • Easy Chat

  • We will provide your brand its 24/7 online customer service through our Easy Chat. This service may refer to the development of a chatbot for your social media page or a chat integration in your website.
  • Easy Mobile

  • Web page speed improves the user experience and core business metrics. With our Easy Mobile service, a faster load time, increase on your website’s revenue, and reduction of complexity in coding will be made possible.
  • Customized Sites

  • In case our Easy development services doesn’t work in your brand, our team of web developers can also customize your brand’s development project. Ensuring the quality with its inclusions of an animated homepage, site map development, social media integration, and mobile responsiveness.

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