“We help brands connect to the provinces.”

PurpleBug delivers relevant, results-oriented, and cost-effective online PR services to your company. With our network of regional newspaper companies, you can definitely integrate both of your brand’s traditional and digital campaigns.

Network of regional news companies
coordination with the selected news network
content creation and direction
reports and analysis

    Network of Regional News Companies

  • We will be responsible in providing newspaper networks suited for your campaign, whether it be in Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao.
  • Coordination and Communication with the Selected Newspaper Network

  • Any coordination when it comes to the newspaper network will be under PurpleBug’s supervision. This is to ensure the expected deliverable from the networks’ end will be correct.
  • Content Creation and Direction

  • The content that will be created will be based from the client’s campaign and creative brief. PurpleBug will be responsible in aligning the expected outcome and the actual deliverable.
  • Tracking and Monitoring

  • We will make sure to track and monitor each and every content posted to avoid any discrepancy and negative sentiments.
  • Reporting

  • After the regional newspaper campaign, we’ll send you a comprehensive review of activities and results.

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