“Right information. Right people. Right message.”

PurpleBug delivers relevant, results-oriented, and cost-effective online PR services to your company. With our network of top bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers, you can have a good number of positive stories and feedback to support your brand's credibility and have your online reputation well-managed.

network of bloggers and vloggers
coordination with the influencers
content creation and direction
reports and analysis

    Network of Top Bloggers and Vloggers

  • We will be responsible in providing influencers suited for your campaign, whether it be micro, niche, or celebrity influencers.
  • Coordination and Communication with the Influencers

  • Any coordination when it comes to the influencers will be under PurpleBug’s supervision. This is to ensure the expected deliverable from the influencer’s end will be correct.
  • Content Creation and Direction

  • The content that will be created will be based from the client’s campaign and creative brief. PurpleBug will be responsible in aligning the expected outcome and the actual deliverable.
  • Tracking and Monitoring

  • We will make sure to track and monitor each and every content posted to avoid any discrepancy and negative sentiments.
  • Reporting

  • After the influencer campaign, we’ll send you a comprehensive review of activities and results.

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