“We listen, we communicate, we monitor.”

PurpleBug understands that online reputation damage can have a significant influence on your overall business results in the future. That is why we work beyond automation, using tools to provide you real insights that will keep your digital communication channels healthy and spotless. We will not just give you access to tools. We will interpret the data, so you can 100% understand your target market. We will help you talk to them effectively with our hundreds of real profiles across all leading social media channels.

identify keywords
scan social media and web platforms
categorize setiments (positive, neutral, negative)
provide response

monitor trends and conversations
reports and analysis

    Identification of Keywords

  • We will filter the keywords needed for your brand in order to collate positive sentiments from your online audience.
  • Social Media and Web Platform Scanning

  • Insights gathered from different social media and web platforms will help your brand greatly especially on the strategic planning stage. This will determine what is the current status of your brand online.
  • Sentiments Categorization

  • Sentiments are the overall attitude or tonality of the posts wherein your keyword has been mentioned. This may vary from positive, neutral, or negative.
  • Creation of Response

  • Once the sentiments have been properly categorized, we will be formulating responses for each sentiment to address each issue.
  • Monitor Trends and Conversations

  • Our ORSM covers brand monitoring (through tools and manual checking). Through this, we will be able to collate any conversation covering your brand.
  • Reporting

  • After a full month of service, we’ll send you a comprehensive review of activities and results.

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