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Transcription can be tedious, and it requires a set of keen eyes and ears for detail to convert audio and video discussion points into coherent and effective documents. Outsourcing transcribers can help you focus more on getting your products and services to your customers.

We Offer

Reduce Cost

Training in-house transcribers will take up time and resources, possibly more than the business can handle. Outsourcing transcription can help you save on training costs, equipment, rental, and hiring!

Get Clearer Transcripts

Transcribers are experts in their specific fields. With transcription in information-sensitive fields like medicine, law, or engineering, you’ll need a transcriber with deep knowledge in your industry’s discipline to provide accurate transcripts, mindful of the nuances in the technical terminologies that the average person may misinterpret.

Flexible Formats

Just as the source material can take on a wide variety of audio and video formats, transcribers can provide the transcribed material in the specific file formats wherever and whenever the client needs it.

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