Digital Regional News Network

We help brands connect to the provinces. PurpleBug delivers relevant, results-oriented, and cost-effective online PR services to your company through our Digital Regional News Network service. 

We Offer

Targeted Localized Content

PurpleBug allows you to connect to a network of regional newspapers, allowing you to benefit from targeted localized content and diversified creatives options. We personalize and adjust your content to the culture of your target audience, creating sensible value for them.

Effective Content Creation and Direction

We establish specific directions for content. We plan, understand your consumer funnel, and create stories. As content strategists, we understand how to tell your stories. Our extensive knowledge also lets us know which stories work well with distinct situations. 

Cost-Efficient Local Advertising

The cheapest way to advertise your small business depends on a number of factors. These factors include the profiles of audience you are trying to reach, their locations, audience size, and your ads’ designs. With local advertising, you are able to target a specific demographic and target your ad to a specific age or occupation. This ensures that potential clients will always find you, no matter what your market’s niche is. 

Strategies Based on Local Trends

We understand that location is one of the most reliable ways to view an audience. This is because their mindsets, intentions, and concerns are different for each region. By looking at trends data by region, you can spot differences and uncover new opportunities.

Improved Engagement

PurpleBug lets you engage with your community by giving residents the opportunity to leave feedback and testimonials on local directories and your company’s social media pages. Having positive referrals will not only encourage more clients to use your products/services but will establish your business as a recognized name in the town or city

Manual Results Analysis

PurpleBug also tracks campaign performances through manual monitoring of the newspapers’ output. We also create a campaign report and analysis to further understand which campaigns worked. These reports and analyses serve as the foundation of our campaigns, making them effective and beneficial for your business. 

Did You Know
  • Advertising in newspapers is considered the most believable and trustworthy than any other form of media. This is because print media is always the primary choice when it comes to seeking reliable information. 
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