Website and App Development

PurpleBug provides website and app development services, creating sites tailor-fitted to your needs and brand image. 

We Offer

Tailor-Made and Complete Elements

Just like suits made to order, we believe that your brand deserves a tailor-fitted website that will suit your requirements and image. We build websites from scratch – an expertise we are very proud of. You need a customized website to highlight yourself from the market so customers can easily identify your brand.

User-Friendly Navigation

One of the most important elements for a great website is having a user-friendly navigation. A well-defined navigation route throughout your website helps your visitors locate your services and products, ensuring better customer experience and a higher conversion rate. 

Eye-Catching Web Design and Layout

PurpleBug takes pride in its outstanding creativity and skill to discern the right combination of visual images, content, and fitting tools to create for your website. We design websites according to your brand’s image, while keeping it secure with a quality user interface and natural navigation.

Effective Calls to Action

A great website should allow users to easily reach a company’s desired call to action. We understand that by placing calls to action strategically throughout your website can increase the number of users that turn into actual buyers. With our website and app development services, will equip your brand’s online home with attention-grabbing, accessible, and easy to read calls to action to meet your desired results. 

Powerful Storytelling

A website serves as a brand’s online home. This is why your website should instantly tell your visitors who you are, what you do, and why they should avail of your services. The key is to have a clear and customer-oriented content to help you identify yourself apart from the saturated market and gain more leads. 

Did You Know
  • Texts attract more attention than pictures when building a website. Users will simply scan photos on a website and are more likely to look for useful information about your brand. Hence, it is more effective to use texts if you want to get a point across.
  •  It is more effective to place your ads on the top or left part of your website because they are in the “viewing pattern.”
Let's Hear It From Them

True Value

Carlo Cadorniga - Marketing Manager

"PurpleBug is really good at what they do, and I am glad to have stayed with them all these years. The team really goes the extra mile. It's as if the guys are right here with me in the office. Keep on innovating, guys!"

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