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Chatbot Development

Effortless, automated conversations. PurpleBug offers a strategic and cost-efficient online customer service solution that is able to automate repetitive tasks, delivering value faster to your customers. 

We Offer

Inbox Automation

Our Chatbot Development services lets you automate your overflowing inbox. You won’t need to worry about spending hours answering inquiries, your chatbot can do it for you! We make sure to provide you with a well-built chatbot so you can answer up to 80% of your customers’ routine questions. 


Improved Customer Service

Chatbots are one major way on how you can increase customer satisfaction. To keep up with the fast-paced industry, you want to be able to immediately respond to your customers’ simple queries. With improved communication, they allow your customers to easily get to know your brand through stimulated conversations. 


Higher Rates of Customer Conversion

Once you have a chatbot for your business, it is guaranteed that you will have higher rates of customer conversion. Chatbots are a smart addition to your business since they ask qualifying questions based on the answers they receive, and will provide relevant information back. This in turn speeds up the time it will take for a customer to complete a purchase, increasing the conversion rate. 


Personalized and Engaging Conversations

We develop our chatbots to provide real-time assistance to your customers. We offer interactive communication where our chatbots can also ask questions to understand your customers’ real problems. We understand that it Is important to keep your customers fully engaged with your brand. That is why our chatbots can also offer your customers rich content such as product pages, blogs, images, and the like to further help your customers. 


24/7 Customer Support

Customer service is the most important factor to your business’ success. It is a requirement to have good customer service 24/7 to greatly boost your customer satisfaction. Since chatbots don’t need to sleep, they are capable of giving instant replies to your customers 24/7. With chatbots, you can save time and costs, streamlining your business’ operations. 

Did You Know
  • 63 percent of customers would consider interacting with a business’ chatbot to obtain quick answers. 
  •  Consumers loathe bad chatbot experience. Customers wouldn’t use a company’s chatbot after a bad experience. They also find it more frustrating if a business’ chatbot couldn’t answer their queries vs. a human.

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