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Digital Ads

PurpleBug makes sure you effectively spend the advertising budget on suitable digital media placements, ensuring you reach your actual market and generate measurable results. 

We Offer

Targeted Ads

At PurpleBug, we only target your ads to qualified audiences for your products and services. We make sure to have your brand highlighted and your content marketing considered by your target consumers at every stage of the buying cycle. Our expertise of maximizing social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube benefits you with flexible and effective options. 

Flexibility Across Channels

Digital ads’ key to success is being “multi-channeled.” With digital advertising, your message can reach thousands and even millions of your target audiences through multiple platforms. This strategy allows customers to see your content the way you want them to, boosting your marketing tactics.

Measurable Data

We develop our marketing strategies based on detailed data. In order to ensure we are giving you topnotch digital marketing services; we immediately measure results after each campaign. These measurements allow us to use digital ads budget efficiently, improve conversion rates, choose the right channels, plan more effective campaigns, and improve your business’ return of investment.

Massive Reach and Engagement

As people are starting to watch TV less, customers are now mostly online so you should be, too. Through our digital ads services, we can help you gain access to a global audience reach your target consumers on the go, wherever they are, whenever they are online. 

Top-of-Mind Awareness

Digital ads have a major advantage when it comes to top-of-mind awareness as it is the initial step for building brand loyalty and product preferences. We carry out digital advertising campaigns effectively – bridging buyer and seller. This is why our clients have built stronger connections and relationships with their customers. 

Did You Know
  • You have 70% more chance of converting users into potential customers when you retarget your digital ads’ target audience. Retargeting those users who have previously visited your page again creates more opportunity for your products and services to become more recognizable to those who are close to completing a purchase. Hence increasing your profit.
  • A more accurate way of determining the success of your digital ads is through measuring their click-through rates. Since the main goal of digital ads is to generate

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