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Domain Name Registration and Maintenance

PurpleBug can help you register your domain name, subscribe your ssl or transfer your domain name to a new hosting facility. We make an excellent web address for your company as well as maintenance that includes consulting, support and any other type of domain services.

We Offer

Domain Name Registration

We can help you register your domain on .com,, .net, and other domain name extensions that fits your business. With PurpleBug, we can either be  domain name registrant or we can do this on behalf of your company. Our  domain name registration service offers convenience that abides to your brand/company identity.

SSL Registration

A website domain required comprehensive protection and security. Many companies implement restrictions on the allowed website people can browse in their network.  It is highly recommended to have SSL in your targeting B2B transactions and if you have an ecommerce.

Domain Name Migration

Migrating a domain name follows an intricate process but it entails improvements such as increased traffic, better performance and faster response times.  PurpleBug can help you migrate your domain name from existing hosting to a new one with ease. We can do a well coordinated process that will lessen the negative impact of the migration.

Domain Name Maintenance

The domain name does not only establish the presence of your brand on the Internet, it also stands as a bridge to your business or personal website that adjusts to your needs. Managing domain name is essential keeping the website updated and accessible. PurpleBug can subscribe and maintain your domain name. We can be your one stop shop for all your domain and SSL certificate subscription.

Did You Know
  1. Do you know that domain names can contribute to your name traffic?
  2. Do you know that you need SSL if you are building an ecommerce?

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