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E-Commerce Management

Outsource your ecommerce operation and management with PurpleBug E-Commerce Management Solution. Focus on your brand development and leave the operation with us. 

We Offer


Get your products to your customers quickly, organize orders, save time, and stress-free. We can help you store your product and make it ready for order fulfillment. We support the growth of your business that’s why we prioritize efficiency of our services.

Order Fulfillment

We can help you sort, pack and send the order though your partner courier business. PurpleBug understands the importance of putting efforts to speed up the order fulfillment time that would drive revenue as we get faster turnaround time of our order process.  We value cost-saving and the supply chain as this will gear your e-commerce business to success.

Inventory Management

We can help you monitor and manage your inventory to ensure that there will be products for your customers. From thorough inspection of products, ensuring product entry to warehouse databases. Organizing items on shelves that will ensure fast order fulfillment rate. As the e-commerce business grows, a streamlined supply chain and efficient management is what you need.

Creatives Management

The creative efforts you put in your e-commerce website greatly contribute to your brand identity across all channels and platforms. It helps garner customer attention and conversion through the customer experience. Update images and information that will help customers know more about your products, and be part of the online portion in your partner e-commerce sites.

Comments, Review, and Inquiry Management

Manage customer inquiries, questions and review to ensure better customer management. To keep up with the fast-paced industry, you want to be able to immediately respond to your customers’ simple queries. We make it our goal to address products and service concerns with utmost priority. Our team values your brand’s hard-earned respect and trust, helping you build a perfect brand image.

Did You Know
  • People read and review product information. 
  • People buy more on pages that interact with them.

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