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Live, Webinar, Online Event

Let's mount an interactive way of communicating to your audience through Live Events and Webinar. Brands and companies choose these formats of communication due to its convenience, uniqueness and safety. PurpleBug offers an end to end solution for your live event. We help you take over from, planning, promoting, managing  and implementing, and make an analysis of it.

We Offer

Event Planning

We will help you plan your event, choose the right platform, and guide you through the process. Our fresh approach and unique ideas brings out the desired outcome of our clients. As the most important phase in events, we understand our objectives well thus coming up with the ideal strategy for proper execution. This will help the brand and company to ease the burden and worry in planning an event.

Event Implementation

The success of the event relies on managing the participant, from the speakers to marketing measures. Our team will help you implement your online event. Furthermore, we handle the technical, production, and creative side of event production. All aspects of a successful implementation are taken with utmost creativity and consideration of our client’s goals.

Creatives Development

Venture into the digital events with attention all in your brand. We develop engaging virtual background, promotion materials, video, on-brand design, interface of your website/page that you will need in the event. Our team will work together in delivering clear and engaging creatives that understands the scope of projects that are being given to us.

Event Promotion

We will help you promote your event through social media, traditional media and gather the right influencers. We ensure that there will be awareness of your event that can get everything settled and be visible for everyone to be involved. Our team of experts can design the needed promotion  to showcase your brand's event.

Live Selling

With the expansion of the internet and online shopping, we cover the success of gaining awareness, conversion, and loyalty through one of the most popular selling strategies. PurpleBug helps you mount social media live selling through your own store, partner e-commerce store or social media influencers. In our team, we adapt and excel in the new digital brand marketing.

Did You Know
  • You need to promote your event 
  • Advantage of using Live Events.

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