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Online PR Solutions

Is your brand in crisis, or you want to build relationships with your customers beyond just product awareness? PurpleBug can help you to connect with your customers through media partnerships, curated PR content, social media influencer content, and comment management and curation.

We Offer

Media Partnerships

In setting up a media partnership, we can add credibility to your brand. Having this partnership can benefit you from increasing more viewers and followers. We can help you with content collaboration with traditional media through embedded content and featured content with partner traditional media.

PR Content and Kit Development

Showcase your brand’s personality as we help you develop content and PR Kit that will be distributed to media partners, partners, group admins, and social media influencers. 

We can make PR content and media kits available in all forms such as static, downloadable resources, or a full deck.

Social Media Influencers

Social Media Influencers help strengthen brand relationships based on purchase history and loyalty. Having a connection to influencers makes way for possible extensive public relations in marketing through joint-ventures, live events, and other more long-term opportunities as we help you collaborate and create content with influencers and other content creators.

Comment and Review Management

Customers online who research and verify products are growing hence it’s very important to establish a firm and efficient tea. With PurpleBug we can  help you manage online reviews and comments though PurpleBug’s community management services.  We evaluate your online platforms and implement strategy to further grow yung business and brand reputation.

Did You Know
  • Customer check online content before they purchase
  • People believe in online review of influencers

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