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Wordpress Website Development

An online presence of a business creates an impact on its success. It  builds credibility and helps your company be searchable by your potential customer. Our Wordpress CMS based website development service is our fast and affordable solution for your brand and company website requirement needs.

We Offer

Diverse Web Design

Do you want your website to optimize your data on each page? Do you want to embed forms,media, and other files on certain pages of your website? How about adding a newsletter to make your users updated? 

With WordPress plug-ins, we can help you maximize your website’s capabilities according to your liking. Creating seamless experience in managing your web design is this convenient.

Social Media Integrated

Connect all your customers across all your platforms by integrating your social media account on your WordPress website. We can help you choose the best and manageable plug-ins to expand your reach and drive engagement. These tools don't only get you more traffic but add more followers on your social media accounts.

Chat Automation

Chatbots and chat automation is the best way to achieve better customer service with your existing and potential customers. A chatbot for a WordPress website can generate leads and answer customers’ questions. This helps make your business more efficient. We can help you integrate your Messenger Chat and add a Custom Chatbot that provides quick response to your customer 24/7.

Easy to use CMS

Wordpress is the preferred CMS by many because of its ease of use. It requires significantly less technical knowledge that helps any users with ease in management. Customize, edit, however you want without any confusion as we can help you navigate and understand your website fully.

Hassle Free Management

PurpleBug acts as your WordPress developer that can create, maintain, and update your website based on your specification and requirement. Despite having a lot of options and features,  WordPress is easy to manage even for beginners. A good developer will ask you exactly what you need a website for, find a better matching technology for your requirements, and provide you with a scalable solution.

Did You Know

Do you know companies with websites are considered more trusted by potential customers? 

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